Every time you attack Amber Heard, you’re attacking me and every other survivor or victim of domestic abuse. Yeah, I said it, it’s out there.  You attack her with your victim blaming and your shaming and you’re labelling every other survivor the same and it’s time you all stopped.

I’m a survivor of spousal abuse and rape.  My ex-husband repeatedly beat and raped me over a period of a few years and yet here I am, still going strong.  What happened to Amber happened to me too and every time you slate her for ‘ruining Johnny’s reputation’, you are excusing his behaviour and demonising a woman who was beaten and scared.

Let me tell you something else, survivors smile.  We smile, we laugh and we try to get on with life.  Just because Amber has been seen out and about enjoying life with her friends, doesn’t mean that she’s over what happened to her.  I live with my PTSD every goddamn day of my life but you know what?  I keep going because I have to.  If i didn’t keep moving forward, then he wins.  I have to keep moving and never look back.  Amber is out there in the world doing the same.  She is allowed to smile and laugh and move on.  She is allowed to try and live her best life so stop attacking her for that.  How can she move on if she is constantly being berated?  Do you expect her to stay trapped in her abuse, is that what you want?  That is the same as saying that I should stay trapped, scared and dead inside.  You wouldn’t know to look at me what I’ve been through and Amber is the same.  So what if she smiles or laughs?  I smile and I laugh because I am not what happened to me.  Amber is not what happened to her either.  We are both whole people and we will not be defined by what happened to us.

Despite the fact that Amber brought actual physical ‘receipts’ and countless eyewitness accounts of Depp’s abuse, you are still blaming Amber for what happened.  Is it any wonder that women and men all over the world don’t report domestic abuse if that is how a victim is treated?  And for Amber it’s worse.  She lived out the entire situation in front of the whole world because of who she is and who Depp is.  Her entire life was put under a microscope for all to see and then you all ripped her to pieces because your ‘love’ for Depp blinded you to his actions.  You all stood by Rihanna when she had Chris Brown arrested but you won’t stand with Amber?

I am no different to Amber and she is no different from me.  We are both survivors of domestic abuse and we are both trying to get on with our lives as best we can.  I don’t give a fuck how much you love Johnny, what he did was abuse, pure and simple.  I stand with Amber and I stand with her incredibly brave choice to speak out about what happened to her.

So stay in our own fucking lane and mind your own goddamn business.